How to sort columns in Pivot groupby table when fields take multiple values?

I have created a pivot table like shown on pic and have 2 questions:

  1. I want to groupby a few columns (including Dep Handler and Arr Handler) and also display some fields in the values section to get the totals. So far, I can only display the columns with the order shown. Is there a way that I can move the Dep and Arr Handler columns at the end of the report and keep the other numeric fields as they are?

  2. In the column Total Net, a value is displayed for every row and at bottom, the total is displayed. Is there a way to hide all the values for all rows and just keep the bottom “Total” value of this field?

Hi @Fotis_flex
could you please add the pic? :wink:

Oh! So sorry @ErikG . I just added it, thanks a lot!

@ErikG Do you think there is any solution for this above?

maybe not a solution but a workaround. but only if you dont need flexibility.
You could use n visuals and overlap

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