How to stay logged in - want to keep dashboards up 24/7

Hi QuickSight community! Does anyone have any tips on how to stay signed in overnight? We display dashboards in our office and each morning when we come in, we have been signed out and have to sign back in. Just wondering if there is an option to stay signed in. I did some googling and couldn’t find an answer but it is possible I’m not using the best keywords or I’m not phrasing my question the right way. Appreciate any help or tips. Thanks!

I would suggest moving it to an embedded application so that you have control over when people get logged in and out.

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Hi @tfox - I think QuickSight login is valid for a time period and it is correct to be sign out after a certain period.

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Regards -San

Regards - San

our IT Department used embedded functions and created an internal webpage to display the reports. We just show this webpage on the monitors.

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