How to stop Y axis range resetting to Auto (starting at 0)?

In my dashboard I have a line graph with data ranging from 20 to 21 - the volatility within that data is vital to see, but can only be seen if the y axis range is set to Auto (based on data range).

However, if I filter the data or drill up/down in the time series on the x axis, the y axis range resets to Auto (starting at 0), rendering my data into a line that the end user can’t change to see the volatility.

How can I stop the Y axis range resetting to Auto (starting at 0) when drilling up/down in the x axis or filtering the data?


I couldn’t replicate the behavior with sample data at my end. The Y-axis range is retained regardless of drill-down in my test visual. Do you see this issue in other charts as well or only line charts?

At the moment, it is not possible to stop QuickSight from changing axis range to Auto (starting at 0) when you perform drill-up/drill-down operations.
I’ve contacted the feature team working on this area with the new feature request.

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