How to Switch Quicksight Administration Region

When I first setup QuickSight, I had to select a region and there are certain admin tasks I can only do in that region. I am wondering how you can change that region so that admin tasks are done in a different region? I am thinking in the context of a disaster recovery scenario where a specific region is no longer accessible but we still need to be able to administer QuickSight in a different region

During account setup, you got to select a region for your account. This selection will persist for the entire life of your account and drives the following aspects of your account.

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@RobHendricks That is what I was guessing as well (you can’t change the region once its been setup). But then what happens if us-east-1 goes down? We just can’t make admin changes to Quicksight? I setup disaster recovery for all other AWS services to handle scenarios where a region goes down, but it seems like this isn’t doable with Quicksight for some reason

This is an issue that has been brought up before. I will mark this as a feature request as well.