How to the pass the list of values through parameter in quicksight dashboard?

How to the pass the list of values through parameter in quicksight dashboard?

Hi @Jayasakthi_Devaraj - welcome to QuickSight community! Thanks for your question. Let me try to address it. However, please feel free to follow up if you have any specific ask.

  • When you create a parameter, you can mention whether it’ll hold a single value or multiple values. Please refer to the Step 5 in Setting up parameters documentation. You can use the parameter in multiple ways.

  • If you are using a parameter control to set the values of a parameter, you can create the control as a dropdown multiselect, list multiselect and pass multiple values to the parameter. Please refer to the Using a control with a parameter in Amazon QuickSight documentation.

  • You can use a URL action with a parameter, you can pass or send parameters dynamically to the URL. Please refer to the Using parameters in a URL documentation on how to set values for a parameter that accepts multiple values. Example:

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@debapc Thank for sharing this…

Let me give more details on what i am looking for…

I have a Dataset 1 where it shows person details and Dataset 2 having health information in the Same Dashboard. I want to get the personid based on county filter selection and pass that personid list from Dataset1 to Dataset2 and get the health information. Everything in the same Dashboard.

@debapc i want to do without Joining the Dataset…:slight_smile:

Hi @Jayasakthi_Devaraj - did you try cascading filter?

Say you have 2 parameters and corresponding dropdown controls:

  1. county param (single value), county dropdown control,
  2. person param (multiple values), person dropdown control (multi-select)

Person dropdown control is populated, based on the county value selection. Then whatever person(s) you select from the person dropdown control, you only show the respective health information.

County and person dropdown controls are populated from the dataset 1.

Health information is populated from dataset 2. You apply person filter on the dataset 2. Person filter is a custom filter, which equals to a multi-value parameter, populated based on the person dropdown selection.

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Thanks for your response…

I created county param with dropdown control…

After selecting the county, i need to get the personid pertaining to that county from the dataset1 column -personid

Getting the list of personids pertaining from Dataset1…and pass that list to Dataset2…

If i have personid as param…i am not sure how to store and retrieve the list?

sample screenshots if any would help me to understand in the better manner…