How to update analysis after editing dataset?

Hallo all,

I have a very strange issue. I have 2 QS accounts, one US and one EU loading different data but exact same datasets and analysis. Initially, I edited the US dataset to rename a few columns, saved and then published. Automatically the analysis that was using this dataset was updated with the new field names and all good. I did the exact same thing for the EU account but I encounter problems that cannot explain. When I use cli to describe the analysis, I get the following error and then I cannot update the template and dashboard. DOes anyone has any idea what might be wrong?

Hi @Fotis_flex - For this kind of issue, it is require some detail analysis. Can you please raise a ticket to AWS Customer support team and provide the details as well as request id. For the request id, they can get the detail logs from backend which will help in fixing the problem.

To raise a request, please follow the below link - Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support

Regards - Sanjeeb