How to use calculated fields that were made before QuickSight?

My table already contains calculated fields such as median, average etc. but when I try to use them as a value in a visualization it makes me then chose another aggregate (sum, average, count etc.). How can I have QuickSight treat this value as an already calculated field?

When I say “already calculated” they are pre-aggregated on a daily basis at in our DWH (Redshift). This helps limit that size of data we expose to QuickSight

There is no setting for that. Each visual will group the fields to the group that you are displaying in a visual.

If you are grouping it by the days in a visual then you can take the average and should be fine.

You also might want to look into taking a sum and then dividing by a count of rows to get your value.

But QuickSight will always aggregate unless you are using them as groups themselves.


Let me know if that helps

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Yes this does help, thank you for clarifying. As long as I am displaying the most granular level of data I guess the aggregate quicksight does on the value doesn’t really matter.

FYI every question I look up on this forum usually has you answering them so your help has been greatly appreciated as I get up to speed with QuickSight.

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Thanks for that. That’s great to hear.

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