How to use field from dataset in custom insight?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to build a dynamic text in QuickSight. Is there anyway I can write dynamic text?

I want to show Average Ticket Taken Time. And I only want to show the time format HH:MI:SS exclude the date part. For example, I want to know whole team’s Average Ticket Taken Time. It should looks like 00:01:48.

And I don’t want to put it in a table. Just show it as KPI or one big number on top of the report.

Any idea?


Ce Wu

You can try using Insight with Maximum or other computation type, which gives the unique value and add the Avg.Time field to the Time part of field wells and updated the time format to custom (hh:MM:ss) as shown in the image below

Hi Ashok,

Thanks for the reply. I tried the insight and use the string logic to parse time from second format to HH:mm:ss format. And it looks good. Thanks for your advice.

Ce Wu