How to use REDSHIFT RLS in Quicksight

I want to restrict quicksight access to read redshift data by using Redshift RLS.
Kindly Help me in this

Hi @nitraw26. Did Koushik’s reply answer your question? I am marking his reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Welcome to the QuickSight Community, and thanks for posting your questions on the community Q&A Forum!

It is not resolved yet, I want to know is Redshift RLS is working in quicksight or not

Hello Nitin,
The link posted above by Koushik mentions the following:
“RLS applied in Redshift will apply to the user who has created the data set (specifically it is using the credentials supplied in the Data Source you created in QuickSight). QuickSight does not currently pass through the reader’s credentials to Redshift to apply RLS for each Reader. Today you need to configure RLS in QS as well to apply it to Readers. You can connect to the same underlying Redshift table where you are managing the RLS rules and then apply it to your other data sets though. This would be a 1-time setup per data set and then you never need to touch it again.”

To summarize, QuickSight cannot use Redshift’s RLS directly as it doesn’t pass user information to apply the Redshift RLS rules- you would need to configure RLS in QuickSight separately and apply the rules to your datasets individually.

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