How to use text value on X axis in visual?


While developing a visual, I’m attempting to use a calculated field named DrillDownLevel on the X axis which happens to be a text field. Depending on the drill down type, the calculated field returns the following:

ifelse(${DrillDownLevel} = ‘Year’, toString(formatDate(Date,‘yyyy’)),
ifelse(${DrillDownLevel} = ‘Month’, toString(formatDate(Date,‘MMM’)),
ifelse(${DrillDownLevel} = ‘Week’, toString(formatDate(Date,‘WK’)),

When I drag the DrillDownLevel field into the Field Well X axis and try to see what it looks like, it displays the following error:

Is it possible to use a text value on the X axis? If so, may I ask how it can be done?


formatDate function always returns string data type, hence no need to do further toString.

Reference Link: formatDate - Amazon QuickSight

Further to this, I believe formatDate(Date, ‘WK’) is unsupported. I have tried to respond to a similar question in the following thread. Hope this helps!

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