How to use two dataset in single visualization

Is this possible to use two dataset in single visual ? based on multiple filter my numerator(based on dataset A) and denominator (based on dataset B ) needs to populated. i tried arrive this by joining these two dataset but it is giving me wrong output.

School , city & state are in control tab, based on that i want to arrive subject wise %P & %F

Sample data:

Hi @sbaskax - You can create a custom data set by taking both data sets and do a left join A and B on Roll No. This custom data sets can be used in your analysis.

see the details in the below link - Creating a dataset using an existing dataset in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this will help you.

Regards - San

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Hi @Sanjeeb2022 , I already tried this but i am not getting required output.

Hi, Try to create new dataset and union two tables, but first you have to modify them

  1. Add to table A new column for example datasetname = TableA
  2. Modify table B and add empty columns Subject, Marks, Result after column Roll no. create new column datasetname = TableB
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Hi @KarolinaSB , In this case then how can i differentiate numerator & denominator . I mean what function do i have to use.

For exmaple you can create calculated field and use ifelse function to differenciate numerator & denominator based on new column datasetname

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Sorry, I couldn’t able to understand. can you pls share a sample formula or any reference link related to this

Hi @KarolinaSB ,

As you suggested , i have append two datasets and tried visualizing , denominator value is reflecting in single row. whereas i want to use i want to use it as denominator for all the rows to arrive %

Hi @KarolinaSB , any luck on this thread

Hi @sbaskax

To use a denominator for all rows you can look into PRE_FILTER / PRE_AGG calculations.