How to version QS objects?

I would like to know how to version analyzes, dashboards and dataset.

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You can create version of analysis using templates : create-template — AWS CLI 1.27.76 Command Reference

or with newly launched Assets as code APIs, you can export the definition of Analysis/Dashboard and do version management in your own versioning tools.

Analysis : describe-analysis-definition — AWS CLI 1.27.76 Command Reference

Dashboard : describe-dashboard-definition — AWS CLI 1.27.76 Command Reference

For Datasets, QuickSight UI has inbuilt versioning available and can used to revert or track the changes

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Hi @Ashok ,
OverSight for Amazon QuickSight is a solution that has the ability to create versioned “Releases” of your Analyses, Datasets and Dashboards. These operate as effective “snapshots” of your objects at a point in time, so you can easily recreate them in the future and in any AWS account, from the click of a button.

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