How to visualize goals from a dataset into a table without aggregating

Hi Team,

I have a dataset that identifies training completions for various products. Each row is considered a completion. I have a goal table I joined on this so that each completion will show the goal for that month. I need to create a table that aggregates the total completions, then the unique for that month (not aggregated). I need to do the same for year. If it helps I have included a visual of an example with some details. I could create another dataset, but I would like to create as few datasets as possible and just include in what I call the “Transcript Dataset”. I use this dataset for various data points and visuals.

I might be overthinking this, but any help is appreciated.


if you move the Month Goal to the dimension fields, it wont be aggregated. The completions will be just a count of the IDs and % of Goal would be: completions/AVG(month_goal).

For one month and one training type, the goal should be identical in every row, so the AVG should give you just the monthly goal again.

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Thank you for responding @thomask

This is helpful! Any tips on how I achieve this for a Year to Date goal aggregation?

I tried this:

ifelse(datediff({training_date},${AsOfDate},“YYYY”) = 0, count(employee_id), 0)

This works for completions, but how do I do this for goal? Any Tips?