How to visualize the two value in row into Y axis

I am new to quicksight ,I working on the some visualization , I am facing some difficult , please help me out.
I have a data like this.

FY 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030
scope 1 250 243.31 Mt-CO2 224.17 Mt-CO2 223.81 Mt-CO2 214.43 Mt-CO2 195.40 Mt-CO2 194.85 Mt-CO2 184.26 Mt-CO2 178.78 Mt-CO2 173.16 Mt-CO2 169.56 Mt-CO2
scope 2 500 468.55 Mt-CO2 466.39 Mt-CO2 459.99 Mt-CO2 443.94 Mt-CO2 426.09 Mt-CO2 394.27 Mt-CO2 360.67 Mt-CO2 337.83 Mt-CO2 317.54 Mt-CO2 313.39 Mt-CO2
scope 3 3200 3123.41 Mt-CO2 2903.40 Mt-CO2 2868.23 Mt-CO2 2655.59 Mt-CO2 2537.69 Mt-CO2 2512.92 Mt-CO2 2330.93 Mt-CO2 2139.14 Mt-CO2 1987.65 Mt-CO2 1858.28 Mt-CO2

I need like this in quicksight

Hi, @suresh1. Welcome to the QuickSight Community, and thanks so much for posting your question! :slight_smile:

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You have to unpivot your data to make it look like this first:

Select “Stacked vertical bar chart” as your visual type, put “Year” on the x-axis, “Emission Amount” in value and “Scope” in Group/Color.


@suresh1 We hope the solution from @David_Wong worked for you. Let us know if this is resolved or if you still have questions. Thanks!

Thanks @Kristin and @David_Wong ,
I changed the data into the above format manually and I got the visual.
I tried to change the data with the Pivot table, but I didn’t get what I am expecting.
Would please refer me to any blog to change the data into the above format using an excel pivot table.

You need to unpivot your data, not pivot.
You can try this tutorial : Unpivot Excel Data - Excel University