Hyperlink as image not working

I have a table view with hyperlink data that are functional as links to images and PDFs when clicked, however when styling them to display as images the PDF show fine but the images show broken image icon.

What am I missing here ?

Hi @alQemay

Just did a quick test and with JPG’s it was able to render. What file type are these images?

Ramon Lopez


Hi alQemay,

The show url as images option in Format visual > Field styling works with image content only (jpg, png, svg etc). If you are hitting the broken image icon for PDF files, just change the field styling to Make URLs hyperlinks option instead to display the link. I see that you are trying to display a mix of images and PDFs.

Consider splitting into two columns (one for images and another for PDF) in the same table or split the table itself into two. That way, you can style the column for images with show url as images and the column for PDFs with Make URLs hyperlinks options.

I’m marking this response as solution to your question. Please do let us know if you have any more questions.

Arun Santhosh

Sorry if my description was unclear.
What you describe as a solution is the exact opposite of what I am seeing - URLs columns with URL values and field styling set to “show as images” have this result:

  • PDF show as images

  • Images show as broken image icon

The urls are rather complex and are directed to an API that authenicates the URLs so they can access the source files in s3 buckets. All of the URLs work as hyperlinks in the table when the field styling is set to “hyperlinks”

@Ramon_Lopez The images I am working with are png.

Thanks for testing but as I mentioned in my other response PDF display as images and images display as broken icons. I am checking our engineers to see if this is due to bad contenttype being returned.

Hi alQemay!
Checking in. Were you able to resolve your issue after checking with your engineers?