Hyperlinks for Comma Seperated URLs in a single cell

Hi - How to visually display hyperlinks for cells that has more than one URL in a single cell?

Eg - I have the following table with a single column where I want to display each URLs as its own hyperlinks without creating multiple columns.

Row 1 - abcdotcom
Row 2 - abcdotcom, defdotcom
Row 3 - ghdfsddotcom
Row 4 - abcdotcomo, defdotcom, ghdfsddotcom

Tried using ‘Field styling’ optinon but it doesn’t work well when there are multiple comma separated values in the same cell.

Hi @rprady

Our field styling does indeed only support one URL at a time.

Currently this is not possible within one cell.

Will add to the backlog of styling options, if you would like me to add you as an influence please reach out via Direct Message with Additional information.


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