I am getting the error across account setup

I have set up the sts role and attached the policy also, but still I am getting the error,
“Status”: 200,
“Dashboard”: {
“DashboardId”: “15177_20221214_cb_inventory5”,
“Arn”: “arn:aws:quicksight:ap-northeast-1:xxxxxxxxxxx:dashboard/15177_20221214_cb_inventory5”,
“Name”: “15177_20221214_cb_inventory”,
“Version”: {
“CreatedTime”: “2022-12-29T16:39:46.896000+09:00”,
“Errors”: [ {
“Message”: “You do not have permissions to access the source”
“VersionNumber”: 1,
“DataSetArns”: ,
“Description”: “1”,
“CreatedTime”: “2022-12-29T16:39:45.652000+09:00”,
“LastPublishedTime”: “2022-12-29T16:39:45.652000+09:00”,
“LastUpdatedTime”: “2022-12-29T16:39:46.896000+09:00”
“RequestId”: “xxxxxxxxxx”

I have followed the below link steps to sts set up.
I got this page as well.

Error I got this is because of sts up, then please the steps to setup sts.

Have you given the source permission to share to your role?

@max, yes, I have given

Have you given access to the dataset as well?