I have postgres custom SQL dataset and I'm joined spice CSV file. now my CSV is fixed data available but and postgres is incremental table. if join both the dataset converted into spice mode and my questions now is, SQL data will be upto dated or not?

Hi @sathish.s
you have to update your joined (SPICE) dataset.
But your underlying sql dataset is still direct query.

Thank you for your response.
As I mentioned earlier csv had fixed data. as per your confirmation sql dataset is still direct query.
now the dataset showing as spice, is that required scheduled refresh?

Hello @sathish.s, for the CSV dataset it will be required that you manually upload a new version of the file if you want to update the data being populated.

In regards to what the SQL dataset, you will need to set up refreshes if you want it to continue updating I’ll link the documentation from AWS for Refreshing Spice Data, but for a high level overview, if you have a data field like “Updated Date” you can set an incremental refresh that will query only the newest rows added, or you can refresh the full dataset. If this is not set up, the SPICE dataset will remain static and not query new rows unless manually refreshed.