I want make my url ink into hyper link

I have issue url in my table. Is that possible to make it as hyper link?

Attaching the reference

I want to make the urls in to hyper link so that we can’t easily open and will see it but right now it is in string format.

Please help me on this

Hello Hripraa,

You may follow this link - Using field styling - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this helps.


Hello @Deep I can’t able to find the section “Field styling” in my dashboard, attaching the SS for your reference

Please help me where I can able to find that section.

Hi @hripraa,

Field styling is only available in tables, not in pivot tables.

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@David_Wong Is there any way where we can able to make the url into link in pivot table?

Hello Hripraa,

With Pivot table its not possible and it has been marked as feature request already.May be you could you use URL action filter to navigate to other sheet with table and provide the hyper link there.

just a thought.

hope this helps.


@Deep @David_Wong Thanks you so much