I want to add hierachy view with three dimensions and percentage contribution from the overall number(measures)?

On Selection of Pivot Visual, the visual should be initially should be created at MP level with percentage contribution like this

|MP|Product|Sales|WW Impact|

Then by clicking on + symbol then the same above visual will be break down at MP and Product level with percentage contribution like below

|MP|Product|Sales|WW Impact|
|Grand Total||35|100%|

I am able to bring the breakdown at MP and Product level, but could someone please help me how to bring percentage contribution which is WW impact that I mentioned above in the table.

For better understanding I have attached snapshot.


Hi Raja, can you please show me what your calculation looks like? If I do percentOfTotal(sum(Sales)), it works at all levels.

Hi @Imran_Burki ,

Thank you for your help. I use the percent of total calc, now I got the expected result.


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