I want to create a calculated field and want to add days like integer e.g - 26.11.2022 + 2 days and the result I want like 28.11.2022

Please guide us how to I do that

Hi @Biswajit_1993

Please checkout the addDateTime function. You’ll need to create a calculated field and then you can use functions in the calculated field.

addDateTime(2, 'DD', purchaseDate)

For our full function reference see this link.

Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks @robkc but lets say I have numeric column like Total Process Days and one date column like **Work Item Creation Date and my requirement is adding the Total Process Days column with work item creation date column then at that time what can I do?

You would still use the same function that Rob mentioned above:
addDateTime({Total Process Days}, ‘DD’, {Work Item Creation Date})