I want to create scatter plot chart from pivot table

I have data in S3 buckets which I am ingesting in Quicksight. The data has UserId and Workspace name and region. A user can have multiple workspaces. My goal is to create a visualization preferable scatter plot, displaying the Count of users on the Y-axis and the Count of Workspace on the X-axis. The purpose is to show the relation of the number of users to the number of workspaces. E.g. 2 users have four workspaces, ten users have 20 workspaces each and so on.
I did this in Excel by creating a pivot table counting workspaces for each user, then using this data created another pivot counting number of users for the count of workspaces and then created a scatter plot.

Hi @huzefa.h89

What are you having issues with? You should be able to do this.

Hi @huzefa.h89

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