Identifying QuickSight analyses/dashboards that use the paginated feature - seeking AWS CLI command and interface distinction

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a QuickSight cost tracking dashboard, and I’m looking to identify analyses and dashboards that use the new “Paginated report” feature. I know that this feature can increase the cost of using QuickSight, so I want to make sure I can identify the analyses that use it and track them appropriately.

Can anyone help me find an AWS CLI command that can help me to list all the analyses/dashboards in my QuickSight account that use the paginated report feature?

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There is no single cli command to do this.

You would need to list all dashboards:

Grab the id’s then loop through them and run the describe dashboard definition as that will tell you the type.

It will then be under the sheet content type:

Thanks a lot for your help.

When i try this CLI command :
aws quicksight describe-dashboard-definition --dashboards-id dashboardID --aws-account-id accountID

I have this error:
Invalid choice: ‘describe-dashboard-definition’, maybe you meant:

  • describe-dashboard-permissions

Can you please help me with that ?

Thank again


Are you on the latest CLI version?