Identity Region SIN (ap-southeast-1) and some region questions

hi team,

when I run this command:

aws quicksight list-users --namespace=default --aws-account-id=xxxxxxx

I got the below error:

An error occurred (AccessDeniedException) when calling the ListUsers operation: Operation is being called from endpoint ap-southeast-1, but your identity region is us-east-1. Please use the us-east-1 endpoint

OK, it says my identity region is us-east-1

However, another CLI call was made for describe-account-settings:

aws quicksight describe-account-settings --aws-account-id=xxxxxxx  --region=us-east-1

now the error returned specifies that identity region is ap-south-east-1:

“An error occurred (AccessDeniedException) when calling the DescribeAccountSettings operation: Operation is being called from endpoint us-east-1, but your identity region is ap-southeast-1. Please use the ap-southeast-1 endpoint.”

Then I sign unsubscribe and signup again, I notice that in the signup

QuickSight region

Select a region

N.Virginal, Ohio, Singapore, Sao Paulo these four regions are using ‘

all others regions are using their own singup link.

So my question is: 1. the above second error message seems misleading ‘but your identity region is ap-southeast-1’? because clearly my identity region is us-east-1.
2. in describe-account-customization — AWS CLI 2.1.30 Command Reference
it mentions that ‘When you subscribe to QuickSight, you choose one AWS Region to use as your home Region’
so home Region in my case is us-east-1 or ap-southeast-1 ?
2. why Singapore is using us-east-1 as identity region? Are there any plans to support Singpore region as identity region and not using us-east-1?
3. another i think the document is wrong
Different editions of Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight
it says ‘o manage Enterprise account settings, you must temporarily change your region for your session to US East (N. Virginia) Region.’ , I was testing using Oregon us-west-2, I don’t need to change the region to N.Virginia. so the statement should change from ‘must’ to ‘might’, only Ohio, Singapore, Sao Paulo three regions ‘must’ change, please help confirm it?

I more like need the answer of question #2, when Singapore will have its own identity/directory region?

Thank you!

hi @Felix_Zhang

Welcome to QuickSight Community. thank you for posting your inquiry!

Singapore (ap-south-east-1) can’t be identity region(or home region). with that reason, QuickSight is selecting us-east-1 region as identity region during the account setup. the message shown when you run describe-account-settings seems to be misleading. at this moment, we don’t have plan to support Singapore as identity region and I am tagging this as feature-request.

kind regards,