If last known time stamp is > now - 24 hours

I need to create a custom field that passes the value “Operational” if the last known time stamp occurred within the past 24 hours and the value “Unreachable” if the last known time stamp is longer than 24 hours.

With max(‘your date column’) and now() in a calculated field you should be able to display what you want. Something like:

dateDiff(max(datetime), now(), ‘HH’) <= 24,

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Thanks @Jeroen. I’m able to save the custom field but get the attached error when attempting to use the fields in a visualization.

Hi @todd.hoffman . Not 100% sure, but I guess you created the calculated field as part of your dataset. Try to create it as part of your analysis. If that’s not possible I’m sorry but I cannot resolve your problem.

To me it’s also unclear why you can do some calculated queries as part of your analysis but not in your dataset (or the other way around)