Ifelse and switch statement maximum

Just wanted to know if there is perhaps a limit on the number of ifelse conditions and also on the switch option. I get a SPICE error when adding a large number so I am assuming yes, just wondering what the number is?

What’s the error on your SPICE?

And you’ve created this calculated field at the dataset level?

If you take away the calculated field does it work?

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Thank you for replying!

The error is not very detailed (not sure if i can get more information)

Error details

region: eu-west-1
timestamp: 1684180455932
requestId: f36bdec3-872e-437b-ad19-5f365aa6b399
sourceType: SPICE

I have tried both the switch from the analyses and then an ifelse on the dataset itself, both produce the same error.

Removing the field from visual and it renders again.

There are 1600 entries, why i thinking maybe its is too many, or possible bad data somewhere

Issues will come up if data types are different. I would make sure that they are all the same data type.

Hi @Jimmyd - Is it possible to provide the logic for calculated field?
Possibly we can guide in providing some solution.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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