Ifelse error

Hi People, I have trying to write a simple calculated field on conditional results to make a parameter control. I am unable to understand the error, it says syntax error correct and create again.

The else part seems to be wrong. You can’t put a condition on the else part without nesting the ifelse statement. Hope this helps! This syntax should be similar to this (from one of my own examples)

ifelse (
{Region} = “EMEA”, “Europe, Middle East and Africa”,
{Region} = “US”, “United States of America”,

Hi sagmukhe, thanks for replying. choose tier is a parameter i want to use as a control which response results into tenant tier. Free and basic are the conditions i’ll get as a result of choosing, but if i dont choose i want both free and basic conditions.
However the error is showing for syntax, i think what you replied is same as my code but with different result. But i’m not able to understand the syntax error.

Hello @KritarthSharma5,
ifelse() only accepts three inputs, you will need to next multiple ifelse(). I think the following will work.

ifelse (
${ChooseTier}='Free', 'Free',