Ifelse function: group the same fields into multiple categories

Hello team, I am doing an average time analysis for a process and I need to create something like the following in a table:


Therefore, in the first row I need to see the data belonging to team A, in the next row team B, in the third row I need to see the average time of A and B together, and the data of the other teams in the team D.

I tried to use this formula:

{team_name} = "Team Jhon", "Team A",
{team_name} = "Team Sussan", "Team B",
{team_name} = "Team Jhon" OR {team_name} = "Team Sussan", "Team C",
"Team D")

The problem is that the table shows me only the data of group A or B but not the combined ones, and if I place team C first in the sintax, then it does not show me the individual data of A and B.

Is there any way to do this?

Hey Danny,

This might not get you 100% percent the way there but it’ll get you really close.

What you can do is make a separate calculated field that groups A & B together and the rest into a different group. Then you can add a row to your pivot table and take subtotals of your calculation.

group field = ifelse({team_name} = “Team Jhon” OR {team_name} = “Team Sussan”, “Group A”,“Group B”)

Here is how it might look.

You can also hide the group field and rename the subtotal rows.

Let me know if this helps.


@Max you hit the nail. I think sometimes it’s important to have another point of view, and although it’s not exactly what I was thinking, this solves my problem perfectly. Thanks a lot for your help.

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