Ifelse() help

Hi all, I have a column values like “UIE1-AW-HWL-10-2-AutoStop-User” , now I want to group, filter all values based on “AutoStop”.

I am trying the following in calculated field:

contains({usage_type}, ‘%AutoStop%’, CASE_INSENSITIVE), {usage_amount}, 0

Somehow for the usage type that contains AutoStop, I get 0 rows returned.

Can you help what I need to do in order to return the rows that contains AutoStop as usage_type?

Try and get rid of the %'s

contains({usage_type}, 'AutoStop', CASE_INSENSITIVE), {usage_amount}, 0

Thanks Max! It worked.
I have another similar question.
I have product code column that has values like AWSCloudTrail, AmazonRedshift and a string like this eryhlhzpi9qp90nh5u371dw9z

I want to separate AWS/Amazon and categorize eryhlhzpi9qp90nh5u371dw9z as other.

Can you suggest a workaround?