Ifelse with AND is not working as intended

ifelse({interception_code} > 0 AND {anomaly_review_status} = 10, 1, 0)
The above calculation supposed to give 5 when I sum all the 1’s but this AND condition in Quicksight is not working as Intended.

FYI: I have tested the same logic in Tableau and Python, both gave correct results or intended results. I have checked the data quality as well but something is wrong

Hi @Manoj_Virigineni
best way to check: create a table visual with {interception_code},{anomaly_review_status} and {calculated field}. That way you can check input and output.

Hi @ErikG,

Thanks for the reply and it was helpful. Able to figure out the issue in my case.

Great. Could You please solve the topic?

Not sure how to do that. Could you please let me know how I can close this question. Thanks.