Import/Export API Do Not Persist Dashboard Elements

Given a dashboard in a lower environment with several filters, say for example a filter on user_id and a filter on “type” of user (said filters are not important). Moving this dashboard from one account to another using the import/export APIs command used for export:

aws quicksight start-asset-bundle-export-job --aws-account-id ACCTID --resource-arns "some-arn" --include-all-dependencies --asset-bundle-export-job-id job-id --export-format QUICKSIGHT_JSON

The export job executes successfully and the asset bundle file is downloaded. Then using the import bundle API command:

aws quicksight start-asset-bundle-import-job --aws-account-id ACCTID --asset-bundle-import-job-id job-id --asset-bundle-import-source Body="$(base64 -i assets.qs)"

Describing this job it is seen to be successful. Upon entering the UI for the account that the asset bundle was imported to the visuals do not look the same, the visuals are either missing a filter such as NULL values being included when they are filtered out in the other account or instead the visuals just display:
Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 5.05.13 PM

There have been no issues like this in the past, save for some visuals getting borders in another account where there was none in the other. Does anyone know what could cause this? An error in the dataset? Or possibly some configuration that is missing in the accounts?

Thank you

hi @laconics, please open a support ticket for this issue. We will have a look as soon as we can. Can you share what type of visuals are having this issue? Do you see this type of issue in more than one dashboard? Thanks

Hello @zhaopan, yes this issue is observed in multiple dashboards. Although deleting and remaking the affected visuals (which were doughnut & Tree map visual types) and associated filters has solved the problem, the cause is still unknown, will open a support ticket. Thank you!