Import Microsoft Active directory users list in AWS Quicksight

Is there any way to import Microsoft Active directory users list in AWS QuickSight ?
Reference - As some of BI tools offers connection with Active directory !
Thanks in Advance !

Hi @Abhishek11 – If you have an existing directory that you want to use for Amazon QuickSight, you can use Active Directory Connector. This service redirects directory requests to your Active Directory—in another AWS Region or on-premises—without caching any information in the cloud. This section in the userguide provides directions on how to do this. Is this what you were looking for?

hi @awsvig , Thanks for your reply !
Actually i am looking for to import the users data for all the users with in my org.
Is it possible to connect AWS QS to Microsoft active directory directly & get the list of user with their user principal name ?

Hi @Abhishek11 – Does this help?

Hi @awsvig , It didn’t seem what i’ve been looking for ,
I want to load the data in AWS QuickSight of all the users which exist in Microsoft Active directory & once users data is loaded into AWS QS then RLS implementation will occur.

@Abhishek11 ,

You would have to first export the data from Microsoft AD and then import that data it into QuickSight to implement RLS.

I am marking this as a solution.

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Hi @Koushik_Muthanna , can you further explain where i’ve to export the data from Microsoft AD because if i’ll export the data then it’ll not be a dynamic & unlikely organization didn’t want to export their user’s details.


@Abhishek11 ,
What I have written is very high level . Here are steps what I can imagine
1/ Export user details from Microsoft AD
2/ Enrich this data on RLS requirements based on the dashboard . Example of setting RLS in the workshop [Workshop Studio]

This would be more of a batch process where you setup a process export data , then maybe store the data in S3 and then enrich it based on RLS requirements .