Importing data into spice for a dashboard currently using direct query

Hi all,

I currently have a dataset (Athena based) which I have imported into QS using direct query and have already built a bashboard/report using the single table. However, I now need to join this dataset with another table to leverage some of the fields in that table. My understanding is that this can only be done by importing both tables into Spice.

I guess I have a couple of questions:
Can I change/load my current dataset into Spice without having to rebuild my current dashboard? Or, do I need to import my dataset into spice (along with the additional table), then recreate the dashboard in a new analysis then publish it?

I have created a few calculated fields in the current dashboard/analysis and I dont really want to have to go back and do that work again.

Any help appreciated.

Since your data is in Athena you don’t need to use Spice if you don’t want to. If you do want to use Spice you can do so by editing your dataset and selecting Spice. This won’t require any rebuilding of the dataset and you can perform a join operation with data in Athena and/or Spice.
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Here is more specific documentation:

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Hi @todd.hoffman - thanks for your response.

I have tried the below steps - but it seems SPICE query mode defaults once I have completed the join.

• Open dataset
• Add – dataset (or should this be data source? what is the difference between dataset and data source)
• Select dataset from list (one I imported into my datasets earlier – the target join table)
• Configure join
• Left join


• Apply
The in the bottom left the Query mode automatically defaults to SPICE


If the data is coming from the same source , for eg : Athena, add datasource.
Datasets are created by using a datasource.

As you can see from the below screenshot, I have multiple tables joined and the query mode is direct query. Single datasource.

Hi @Koushik_Muthanna - thanks very much for this, very helpful.

I think I may have found this issue/nuance. When you say the data has to come from the same source, does this include the same region? i have a situation where QS / Athena is in a different region to where the data is located.

if this is the case, if there any easy way to migrate to the same region so that there is no impact to existing set up (aws in general)?


Hi @QSCommUser - That is correct QuickSight and Athena need to be in the same region.

When you say migrate, are you asking migrating QuickSight to the same region as Athena?


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Hi @spaluri - thanks for the reply. Apologies for the delay in responding - holiday season :slight_smile:

Yes - I have QS license in on region, but the data is in another region e.g. when users log into QS initially, they need to change their region to view the dashboards I have created.

You will need to create the athena tables in the same region as quicksight.