In excel use if funtion how to use in quicksight?

Hi everyone,

In excel can use an easy function =IF(AO2=“”,“”,AO2-AF2) to do the calculations,

AO is estimated_cargo_delivery_date, AF is order_day

but in quicksight only have ifelse function
my function : ifelse({estimated_cargo_delivery_date}=“”,“”,{estimated_cargo_delivery_date}-{order_day})
but it showed error, i don’t know how to do.


I think the difference is, In QuickSight function ifelse, the else part is mandatory,
So can you please try this :
ifelse({estimated_cargo_delivery_date}=“”,“”,{estimated_cargo_delivery_date}-{order_day}, NULL) ?


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error showed as :
Expression ifelse({estimated_cargo_delivery_date}=“”,“”,{estimated_cargo_delivery_date}-{order_day}) for function - has incorrect argument type Date - Date. Function syntax expects ‘ - ’

my two data format is MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss, what can i do?

Thanks for your message! But still error, i guess data format issue.

the error should be caused by different data type returned between the if/else conditions. In your example, if estimated_cargo_delivery_date is null, it returns a string(null), else it returns a number(estimated_cargo_delivery_date - order_day).

you need to convert either one of them, so that they can be the same data type.

For instance,
isNull({estimated_cargo_delivery_date}), ‘’,

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