In Format Data option there should be date and time also

I am trying to prepare a line chart for Day Vs Load Time


click on the field or column top header label, select formate and select “More formatting Options”.

click to custom menu and paste h:mm:ss A

Hi Naveed,
Thanks for the suggestion but this more formating option would imply to X-axis.
And I want the Y-Axis to have the same Date Timestamp in the format HH:mm:ss A.

Hi Naveed,
Time is represented as a category field. Any category field added to Y axis will be represented as a value(count by default). Hence, you can only set value related number formatting settings and not time related.

In case you want to display time on Y axis, then you can convert time as a values field displayed as minutes or hours. Where you would be able to display hours as 5.5 hrs and not 5hr:30min

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