Incorrect Value returned when doing YOY change

I have created calculated field called current year and same period previous year using the below formulas

Current year - min(ifelse({Creation Date modified}>=${StartDateYTD} and {Creation Date modified}<=${EndDateYTD}, amount,0),[id])

same period previous year - min(


extract(“YYYY”, {Creation Date modified}) = extract(“YYYY”, addDateTime(-1,‘YYYY’,${StartDateYTD}))

and {Creation Date modified} >= addDateTime(-1,‘YYYY’,${StartDateYTD}) AND

{Creation Date modified} <= addDateTime(-1,‘YYYY’,${EndDateYTD}), amount, NULL



But when I’m doing sum(current year) - sum(same period previous year) I’m getting incorrect result.

Current year gives me - 59.9
same period previous year gives me - 113.7
but the difference I’m getting is -85.4

Hi @bishtasu

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Could you please upload the sample data and create the analysis in Arena and share it here , this will help us to understand and help you better .


Hi @bishtasu,
It’s been awhile since we last heard from you, are you still facing issues regarding your initial topic or were you able to find a solution?
If still in need of assistance, please follow the prompt above to create an Arena view of your analysis so that we can assist further.

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Hi @bishtasu,
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