Incremental Refresh Not working

Incremental refresh set for 2 days window. I assume it should bring last 2 days data but it is unable to ingest any rows. I have verified and the data is available in the SQL table. Please see attached files for scheduling information.
Here is the date format - 2021-02-04T00:00:00.000Z as seen in SPICE.

Incremental Refresh Configuration

Hi, Yanan from QuickSight checkin!
From your description I sniff a sense of misunderstanding of Incremental Refresh, however, to further help, can you please tell me your dataset id and region? (you can go “edit dataset” and then copy paste the entire URL to me)

Hi Yanan! Thanks for reaching out. Please see below 2 dataset ids which I would like to set incremental refresh on logdate.