Ingest AWS Marketplace Data into CloudSmart Insights with Embedded BI

Use Case and Problem

AWS Marketplace sellers need timely, secure, and easy access to business, sales, and financial data to grow their businesses. The Seller Data Feed Delivery Service provides raw data from the AWS Marketplace. CloudSmart Insights ingests this data to deliver business insights directly to sellers via Amazon Quicksight.

How to Solve the Problem

This article shows how to consume data from AWS Marketplace (AMP). It demonstrates how to subscribe to, ingest, and transform the dataset from AMP by leveraging CloudSmart Insights, CloudSmart Connect, and Amazon QuickSight.


Before you can derive insights from AWS Marketplace, you need to perform a series of configuration
steps. The steps in the diagram below require minimal code and offer flexibility and workflow orchestration out of the box.

The diagram above shows how, once subscribed to by a customer, the AWS Marketplace reporting system delivers the data into an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket on a continuous basis. Once it arrives in the bucket, AWS DataSync can transport data into CloudSmart Connect. CloudSmart Connect is a fully managed and automated approach to accomplish this task, and CloudSmart Insights leverages embedded analytics via Amazon QuickSight to visualize the data.

Step-by Step Solution

Step 1 (for existing SDDS users): Set up your AWS account to receive data feeds.

Use the following process to add seller data delivery services to your account. Here is how to set up your AWS account to receive these data feeds.

  1. Set up your secure S3 bucket to receive the data feeds. To simplify this process, AWS

Marketplace has provided this downloadable AWS CloudFormation template, which sets up the AWS resources required to receive the data feed. Specifically, the template helps to set up an encrypted S3 bucket, AWS Key Management Service key, and an optional Simple Notification Service topic under your AWS account ID. Refer to the following screenshot.

  1. To configure the data feed feature from the Set up customer data storage page, enter the

Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) and select Submit. If you choose to use existing resources, you must create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that grants
access to AWS Marketplace services.

You are now ready to start receiving data feeds from AWS Marketplace.

Step 2: Subscribe to CloudSmart Insights via the AWS Marketplace (Step 1 for concierge subscribers)

  1. As a new AWS seller the CloudSmart Concierge team can provide you with a cloudformation
    template to configure your account to sync with the CloudSmart Connect service.

  2. The configuration includes the automated provisioning and setup of SDDS as well as the
    connection to CloudSmart Insights.

  3. *Note that the data intake requires up to 24 hours for visualization on initial setup. Due to
    seller data delivery service propagation time.

Optional Step: CloudSmart Insights with Quicksight Q

CloudSmart Insights is a curated sales engine and includes ML powered forecasting, key performance indicators for AWS Marketplace Sellers, and timely reports on new customer engagement. CloudSmart incorporates an optional feature set for natural language processing of AWS Marketplace sales information. This allows sales leaders, product managers, and alliance teams to query based with no coding or authoring experience.


In this post, we showed how to subscribe, ingest, and transform a dataset from AWS Marketplace. We ingested and transformed the data using CloudSmart Insight using CloudSmart Connect. Finally, we leveraged the CloudSmart Insights embedded visualization and dashboards powered by Amazon QuickSight.

Company Bio


CloudSmart is an AWS Validated Partner that provides AI-powered analytics tools that help AWS Marketplace sellers accelerate deal visibility and revenue. CloudSmart is Powered by Quicksight and in the AWS Global Startup Program. You can discover more information on CloudSmart in the AWS Marketplace.

Author Bio

Trés Vance is the CTO and Founder of CloudSmart. He is an avid AWS builder and an open source contributor. He’s a contributing member of CadyShack, the largest AWS centered Partner Alliance Community. He’s also a Foundation Board member at Winston Salem State University.

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