Ingested rows do not match number of rows in input dataset


Quicksight doesn’t seem to be able to import all rows from the input dataset. For instance, on April 17th the number of ingested rows is 1563952 while the actual dataset contains 1643543 rows.
Also, as shown in the screenshot below, the number of ingested rows varies quite a lot although the actual (input) dataset size is increasing every day. Doesn’t really make sense for the number of rows to be less than it was the day before.

Since the error rows file does not contain any information on these missing rows, what can I do to debug this problem ?

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Hi @dmrpM - The error file should have the detail information about the bad records which are not able to import to SPICE. Also can you please check what is your SPICE capacity.

Tagging @Bhasi_Mehta for QuickSight expert advise also.

Regards - San

Hi @Sanjeeb2022 ! Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the error file only explains why 43 rows are missing, not the remaining 79k. Super weird situation since the missing rows are not always the same. Based on its corresponding ID I can see that a specific row is sometimes shown in Quicksight, but not always (i.e. after refreshing the dataset).

Will wait for more advise :slight_smile:

Hi @dmrpM - Thanks, can you also submit a case to AWS customer support team so that they can also look at the case having a screen share session. To raise a ticket, please follow the link - Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support.

If you do not have access to submit a case, request your AWS admin to submit on behalf of you.

Tagging @Karthik_Tharmarajan and @Max for their feedback.

Regards - San