Integrate Dashboard in React

I’d like to embed a Quicksight Dashboard in an iFrame in a React application.

I tried to use the AWS SDK, but got an error “UnsupportedUserEditionException: GetDashboardEmbedUrl API is supported only for enterprise users”

How is a standard subscription user supposed to integrate? I’d like to get an URL which I can set on the iFrame and provide parameters for the dashboard.

Hi @Anja_SC -

Embedding dashboards is only available in the Enterprise edition. You will need to switch to the Enterprise edition. This may even be a better price point since you can use session pricing for your embedding vs. paying per user.


Enterprise Edition Standard Edition
Free trial authors (30 Days) 4 4
Included SPICE capacity 10 GB/User 10 GB/User
Embedded dashboards
Embedded dashboard authoring
Connect to spreadsheets, databases, data lakes, and business apps
Easily analyze data with AutoGraph
Publish dashboards for interactive data access
Single-Sign-On with SAML or OpenID Connect
Web and mobile access
Drill-down to detail and customize filters
Enable audit logs with AWS CloudTrail
Email reports
Securely access data in private VPCs and on-prem
Row level security
Hourly refresh of SPICE data
Secure data encryption at rest
Connect to active directory
Use active directory groups
Folders for governed sharing
Customized user permissions
Namespaces for multi-tenancy NEW!
ML Insights NEW!
Templates for programmatic dashboard creation NEW!
Themes for dashboard customization NEW!
Fine-grained access control over AWS data sources (e.g. S3, Athena) NEW!
500M rows of data per SPICE data set NEW!

@Anja_SC && @robdhondt ,

I am new to react but trying to embed the QuickSight dashboard in React project, Can you please help me or provide me some article that i can refer to do this.

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel Hopefully this Getting Started with Embedding resource will be helpful to you: Embedded Analytics -- Get Started

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