Interaction between the Portfolio and Building id

Hi Team,
i am using Parameters as (Portfolio and Building ID) hear i am moving to both Parameters sheet leval and hear when particular Portfolio (P1) selected it will show the related Portfolio building ID’s**(Bld1,Bld2,Bld3,Bld4)** but once i selected building id as (Bld3) and comback select any other Portfoio (P2) it will show the related Portfolio building ids like (Bld5,Bld6,Bld7,Bld8,Bld,9) along with Prvoues selected Building ID(Bld3) as default but data will not papulate it shwo no data in entier report
Note: In Building ID control i selected “show relative value only”based on Portfolio. Is there currently an option to apply apart form show relative value only

Can you show me a screenshot of your filters when you come into this situation?

Hi Max,

adding the screenshorts

first we selected Portfolio P1 and its building Bld2, then selected Portfolio P2 and Building filter displays the Bld2 which doesnt belongs to Portfolio P2

Parameters cannot set other parameters.

You would need to unselect Bld2