Interchange data set for visuals

One simple use case, do we have an option to just change only the data set for a visual that already exists?

Now when I try to change the data set for a visual that already exists in analysis. It always asks me to add new visuals when try to switch the dataset …reason behind this concern is we need to check the data set for different environments and deploy based on our needs.

is there any other right way to do it?

Hey @sowndar !

Do you mean that you want one analysis to be published out to multiple dashboards, but have the datasets be different based on the dashboard it’s published to?

Or do you want the user to be able to change the visuals in their dashboard view based on the datasets they want to see?

HI @duncan , no just a simple use case…I am creating one visual (v1) on Analyses(sample1) using one data set (set1)…now for the same visuals(v1) on Analyses(sample1). I need to change the data set alone to set 2 for the same visual(v1)…but I can’t able to interchange datasets alone, when I try to change …it always asks me to create new visuals…

use case is simple in the Analyses phase itself. can I change just only the dataset for the same visuals that have been created already?

Hello @sowndar !

Got it, as far as I know if you duplicate the visual there isn’t a way to switch out the dataset on a visual. You will need to rebuild the visual on the new dataset.

I can mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team!