Invalid principals given arn

I am working on migrating the dashboard from one account to another account.
I have completed the all steps, final step was I am trying to create a dashboard in another account, but I got this error,
“Status”: 200,
“Dashboard”: {
“DashboardId”: “qs-dashboard7”,
“Arn”: “arn:aws:quicksight:ap-northeast-1:xxxxxx:dashboard/qs-dashboard7”,
“Name”: “qs-dashboard”,
“Version”: {
“CreatedTime”: “2022-12-29T21:03:02.409000+09:00”,
“Errors”: [
“Message”: “Invalid principals given [arn:aws:quicksight:ap-northeast-1:xxxxxxxx:user/default/developer].”
“VersionNumber”: 1,
“SourceEntityArn”: “arn:aws:quicksight:us-east-1:xxxxxxx42:template/qs-template1”,
“DataSetArns”: [
“Description”: “1”,
“Sheets”: [
“SheetId”: “abaa4ea4-520b-49a0-xxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“Name”: “Sheet 1”
“CreatedTime”: “2022-12-29T21:03:01.133000+09:00”,
“LastPublishedTime”: “2022-12-29T21:03:01.133000+09:00”,
“LastUpdatedTime”: “2022-12-29T21:03:02.409000+09:00”
“RequestId”: “8a647407-d80a-4e5a-818f-ad362c98ef92”

Can you run the list-users command to verify the ARN is correct?

Also have you shared the template with this user?

Could you also provide the command you are running to create the dashboard?

this is the cmd max
aws quicksight create-dashboard --cli-input-json file://./create-dashboard.json

What’s in that json file?

And can you verify that the ARN is correct and that it is shared it with this accounts root?

This is my ARN max:
How can I verify it?

Run this command and make sure the ARN is correct.