Invitation link redirects to "Missing attributes" page

Hi, I just invite a colleague but clicking on the invitation link on the email we’re getting this error message:

Missing Attributes
This page requires several GET attributes and/or cookies to be set.

It happens the same trying to use a different email account.

What’s the problem?



Are you still facing the issue? It is going to be hard to debug without looking into more details. If you are AWS customer, please submit a support ticket.

I’m having the exact same problem, which started about a week ago whenever I try to invite someone into Quicksight.

I found a work around. I had to switch to EAST-Virginia, then sent the invite and it worked. The next work around is having the user switch back to the home region (WEST - Oregon in my case) It’s a bit clumsy, but at least the invite worked :slight_smile: