Is it possible a custom filter with wildcards?

When creating a "Custom Filter"that uses the option “Contains”, we are required to have an option that emulates SQL LIKE behavior.
Column LIKE ‘%text here%’
Column Contains ‘*text here*’
Is this posible?

Hello @raulcruzv - Thank you for posting your query. Yes, Custom Filter option does provide “contains”. Please see the below snapshot. Hope this helps!

Here you see that all the Customers are listed whose value contain “ll” (two consecutive letter l).

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Thanks for jumping in here, Sagnik. But I am actually what I am looking for is a way to use wildcards (e.g. , %, etc.) as part of the filter.
In the case of your example, If I filter "Cater
illar" (notice the wildcard character “*”) I should get “Caterpillar” as part of the answer.

@raulcruzv - Unfortunately that is not available right now. However, “contains” feature can be utilized to get continuous string pattern match. Anyway, Thank for your query.