Is it possible to export a list of all dashboard visual titles?

I need to write a user guide documentation of the visuals of a dashboard that has 50+ visuals. Is there a way to export a csv or txt list of just the names of the visuals connected to any given dashboard?

Otherwise, I need to copy/paste each one one by one.

Hi @Ben_Berliner, Current API calls that describe a dashboard or analysis does not contain visual level details however in the future with Assets As Code feature you will be able to get to visual level details.
Below is a screenshot of visual level details include visual titles that can be assessed once Assets As Code is made available.

Refer to below link to see Assets As Code in action.

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This is great, thanks for the heads up on this upcoming feature. Is there a ballpark timeline on when Access As Code will be available?

@Karthik_Tharmarajan ,

Hello Karthik, Do we have the Assets As Code features available now?

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel, We launched Assets As Code feature around reinvent of last year. Please refer to below blog for additional details on the new APIs that were launched as part of assets as code feature.



@Karthik_Tharmarajan , Thank you got it, Assets to code is nothing but the APIs.