Is it possible to re-invite users with expired invitations (invited more than 7 days ago)

I have some users to whom I have shared many dashboards but failed to sign up within the 7 day invitation period. Is there a way to re-trigger these invitations? I cannot see a re-send invite button in the “manage Quicksight” section, only “reset password” but clicking this fails to trigger a password reset email.

Failing this, if I recreate users with identical usernames will they still have access to the same dashboards?

To your first question I don’t believe you can. This has been a talked about issue on the community before and the UX could use improving.

In regards to your second question, that is the work around, however I don’t believe they will have the same access. When you delete them it deletes their access as well, is my understanding.

We figured out a workaround: invite a new user with the same username and email as already exists. This triggers the invite email to be sent and the user can complete the sign-up process. As usernames are unique this does not seem to create a second user, and the user still has the same dashboard access as before. I would flag this as a feature request though as it’s not at all intuitive and we spent a long afternoon troubleshooting this.

What I infer is happening behing the scenes is that Quicksight refuses to email users marked as inactive (the status you can see you see when querying via AWS CLI: “Active: False”) and re-inviting is the only way to bypass this email block. E.g. I tried sending password reset email but these would not come through, nor would scheduled dashboard emails.