Is it possible to setup Alerts for top movers insight?

Hi guys,

I need to set up an alert for top movers, is that possible?

So basically I want to be able to receive an alert if the number of clicks changed compared to yesterday. I tried anomalies but it gives me anomalies for past days instead of just today. It also says there’s no anomalies for today which isn’t true.

Here’s a screenshot of what I need to create an alert on:

Appreciate the help, this is very important and I’m stuck here.


Hello @tiagoadm ,
To create an alert you have to use either a KPI or Gauge Chart.
In this case, KPI chart should work for you. You should create a KPI chart for each partner and set the threshold for the alert.


Hello @JoseB-aws,

thanks for you response. Unfortunately that won’t work for this particular example as I have more than 300 partners and I need to compare “today’s” clicks to yesterday’s clicks.

Have you tried to schedule an email report of this visual? It might be a better way to accomplish what you are trying.


Did the email report option meet the needs of your use case? If so, please help the community out by marking this answer as Solution!

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Apologies for the late reply. No it didn’t help me with what I was looking for. I need alerts for when I’m above certain thresholds but it’s not possible to do it in Quicksight at the moment. It is possible for some metrics but not for the one I was looking for.


Thanks for your update @tiagoadm. We have marked this as a feature request.