Is it possible to use a drill on a visualization to filter the relevant values on a control dropdown?

Let’s assume I have the following dataset:

Subject Student Grade
Maths Jack 0
Maths Jill 11
Maths Mike 14
Maths Judy 2
Maths Lily 16
Maths Marshall 18
Maths Ted 16
Sports Jack 10
Sports Marshall 1
Sports Randy 3
Sports Lily 14
Sports Phil 20
Philosophy Phil 2
Philosophy Lily 10
Philosophy Oscar 18
Philosophy Pam 4
Philosophy Dwight 0
Philosophy Jill 1

I want to plot a line chart with the sum of grades per subject, with the possibility of drilling by student. I also want to have two parameters, one for subject and other one for student, so I can choose what I want to see from a dropdown. The issue here is that when I am at the top level, the control filters work just fine, both relating to the visualization and to each other (if I choose Sports on the first filter, I will only be able to choose Jack, Marshall, Randy, Lily or Phil from the second one).

The problem starts when I drill down to the next level. If I drill down on sports, I will only see Jack, Marshall, Randy, Lily or Phil on the visualization, but the control filters will still have every student. Is there anyway I can filter what is on the dropdown based on the current drill on the visualization?

I think this question should answer your question: Filters shows full data list, but not what is valid based on other filters - #5 by David_Wong

I have that implemented and it actually works well between filters. In this case, if I have two filters, subject and student, and select one, only the relevant values will appear. The issue comes from drilling on the visualization, which doesn’t seem to affect the values on the filters

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll take this as a feature request