Is QuickSight able to use a large XML file stored in S3 as a dataset?

I stored a 100MB XML data file in S3 and am attempting to use it as a dataset so that I may create a dashboard.

I also stored a related manifest file along side the data file:

    "fileLocations": [
            "URIPrefixes": [
    "globalUploadSettings": {
        "format": "xml",
        "containsHeader": "true"

When I create the dataset referencing this file, I receive an error “Something went wrong.”

Is XML supported in QuickSight? I see csv, txt, json and other formats but not XML?

Hi @Ajay,

XML files are not supported in QuickSight.

You can use files in Amazon S3 or on your local (on-premises) network as data sources. QuickSight supports files in the following formats:

  • CSV and TSV – Comma-delimited and tab-delimited text files
  • ELF and CLF – Extended and common log format files
  • JSON – Flat or semistructured data files
  • XLSX – Microsoft Excel files

QuickSight supports UTF-8 file encoding, but not UTF-8 (with BOM).

Files in Amazon S3 that have been compressed with zip, or gzip (, can be imported as-is. If you used another compression program for files in Amazon S3, or if the files are on your local network, remove compression before importing them.

For additional information on supported data sources, see this guide.

Thank you, Peter. Support of XML files in Quicksight was a bad assumption on my part. They are so prevalent where I work that I assumed they were supported everywhere.

Thanks again.